castrol Alphasyn PG 460
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Castrol Alphasyn PG 460 Gear oil《Weight: 200L 18L》
castrol Alphasyn PG 460



Synthetic Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

Castrol Alphasyn PG synthetic gear oils are based upon highly stable polyglycol base
fluids, the properties of which are further enhanced by a complex additive system giving improvements in load carrying capacity, oxidation and thermal stability, allowing
operation at high loads and continuous high  temperatures.


Alphasyn PG gear oils are primarily intended for use in worm reduction gear boxes, where the low coefficient of friction of the polyglycol base fluid gives improvements in efficiency and consequent reductions in power consumption and operating temperatures, particularly when operating at high loads.  The stability of the synthetic base when compared to mineral oil also allows increased maintenance intervals and fluid life, reducing servicing costs.

Alphasyn PG gear oils are available in ISO viscosity grades from 150 to 460.


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